Welcome to conxtor.com. This page will be a continuously updated list of the software run on this server and its publicly available services (some may require registration)

So, here is the infrastructure:

  1. Proxmox VE 5.x
  2. PFSense is used as a gateway, firewall, reverse proxy (and load balancer) and for SSL termination (thanks, letsencrypt for adding support for wildcard certs recently)
  3. A database machine, providing PostgreSQL and MariaDB to most apps running here
  4. A gateway / jumpbox for me to acess all other machines (which are not directly exposed to the internet) of the infrastructure
  5. A 3-node Docker Swarm cluster
  6. Gitlab as a code repository and as a CI/CD tool

And here are the services you can currently use:

NOTE: I will make my best efforts to keep all these services running, but before using them keep in mind:

  • The services may not stay up indefinitely. I may take them down at any time, without prior notice (although I will try to give some) for maintenance or technical, personal or legal reasons.
  • I do not guarantee a level of service, availability of quality for any of the services. They are provided on a best-effort, as-is basis.
  • I don't ensure the service will be fit for any particular purpose or use you make make of it.
  • I reserve the right to take down any of the beforementioned services or to remove, ban or block any user, at my sole discretion in case of spam, misbehaviour, posting or sharing illegal content, attempting malicious activity on the site(s) or services or conducting a (distributed) denial-of-service (DOS) attack on any part of the infrastructure.
  1. This site, conxtor.com
  2. My personal site, https://kerkhoff.es
  3. A Diaspora pod at https://diaspora.conxtor.com. Diaspora is a decentralized and federated (i.e. comprised of many servers around the world) social network, not unlike Facebook, but with a much more civilized discussion culture.
  4. A rocket.chat setup at chat.conxtor.com. Feel free to register, you´ll need a valid email address to do so. The domains in this list are banned from opening an account, they are known anonymizers, masive account generators and notorious spammers. If you would like a channel created for you and / or your buddies, please leave a message in the channel #adminrequests or send a direct message to @volkerk